Located just below Malaysia in the globe, Singapore is famously renowned for its modern architectures. In fact, the country appears as one of the leading nations in Southeast Asia. The word “Singa” is a malay version of Lion. If you’re a rookie traveller from Malaysia, Singapore is easily accessible via Tuas and Woodlands checkpoint.

You might be asking what Singapore offers because the land seems to have been packed with high-rise buildings and a flock of human walking on the streets. Believe it or not, the modern style of architecture in the country is jaw-dropping (Well, at least for me!) and it’s pretty satisfying if you can produce good photos out of your mobile phone camera.

How can that be so good, to be true? It takes evidence to make one believe with such claim. So let’s eye on a few photos snapped using mobile phone camera.



Although Singapore triples the currency of my home-country, it is not an excuse to throw a visit. In fact, I do not tour to waste money, I do it to see the world differently (The maxim I live by).

In my humble opinion, Singapore is overall a convenient city to drop by for rookie travellers from Malaysia. They’re easily accessible, although queues at immigration can eat up your time.

Written by Mr Aqashah

A humanitarian journalist finding his own pathway into the future.


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