Bruh, Pokemon is edible!

Shout out to Pokemon trainers! You might be surprised that Pokemon is edible. In simpler words, you can eat Pokemon?

What?! Is this some kind of conspiracy plotted by Pokemon haters out there? Are they really that cruel to create this anime monster for real? Why do they have to eat Pokemon? Pokemon can attack you! And all those questions spark to pull more attentions as if they’re magnetic.

Believe it or not, there exists a number of food outlets that serves Bulbasaur’s burger, available to upgrade to Ivysaur for the big-biters. As I walked through the menu, I was genuinely excited to see that they have this ‘Pokemon’ burger to allure more customers, especially those fanatic fans of this monster.


I may not have to describe this but who cares? Bulbasaur is the first pokemon ever listed in the pokedex, followed by its evolution, Ivysaur. If you play any games invented by Nintendo, you’ll definitely notice this! On another note, Bulbasaur is a combination of grass and poison which means it is powerful against water, rock, ground, and a single grass type Pokemon. But, Bulbasaur is a plant pokemon, how does it taste? Well….. the name is used just to attract people, it is a chicken-meat burger.

So where is this Pokemon burger? The outlet is known as BurgerLab, located in a few Petaling Jaya districts, Cyberjaya, and Kuala Lumpur. They used to be famous throughout the country because their marketing campaign went successfully viral, the Nasi Lemak Burger.

Now, what is so special about this burger? Personally, in my opinion, just even a single bite of it can make your heart melt! The taste is beyond words, and incredibly delicious. It could take more than 15 minutes to finish the burger. Here’s the evidence!


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